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Moose Tags Cable Labels

Organize and identify wires in:

 • Computer equipment
 • Audio/visual equipment
 • Electrical wiring
 • Power strip plugs
 • Automotive wiring

Moose Tags Cable Labels

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Moose Tags Cable Labels Uses

Moose Tags™ Cable Labels have a variety of organizational uses for your home, office, or car to help you manage all your electronics and wiring. They also work great in larger environments such as for IT end-user computing, government, school or industrial buildings where cable and wire organization is a must.

Home Organization
Home theater wires and cables
, Stereo, surd-
- Garage/workshop extension cords and strip plugs
   - Home office computer wiring and peripherals
   - Electronics storage bins and "junk drawers"

Office Organization
- Computers and PC equipment/peripherals
   - Strip plugs for office equipment
;, lamps, etc.
   - Phone and Ethernet jacks

Car Organization
- Car chargers
   - Audio/Visual equipment plugs and wiring


USB cables and wiring organizing with Moose Tags™ Cable Lables
Computer cables and wiring


Organize any wire or cord with Moose Tags™ Cable Labels  
    Use for any cables and wire organization

Organize wires behind your TV with Moose Tags™ Cable Labels
TV cables and wires

Buy Moose Tags™ Cable Labels now and organize the cables, cords and wires in your life.


Cable Label Actual Size for wire organization


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