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Moose Tags Cable Labels

Great to easily identify:

 • Computer equipment
 • Home theater setups
 • Electrical wiring
 • Power strip plugs
 • Automotive wiring

Moose Tags Cable Labels

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The Mooses from Nar and home theater setup

I am going to share a special secret with you. There are alien Mooses among us. They started coming here last year and made contact with me. They are very friendly mooses who are highly advanced with great technical skills. They are able to travel from their home world (the planet Nar) to our planet in just under three Earth hours. This is an amazing feat considering that Nar is 848,218.63 light years from Earth.

The planet Nar is the alien mooses’ home world. Nar is located in the Adirolf Star System. There are three planets in this system, Gar, Nar, and Zoltar. Nar is the second planet from their sun. The Narian Mooses have highly developed intellects, and have had personal computers for over three hundred years. They had not, however, invented anything like Moose Tags™ yet. When they found out that I had invented Moose Tags™, they made immediate contact with me because they were in great need of my wonderful new invention.

Since this past spring, Narian Star Freighters have been calling at our planet regularly, and taking large quantities of Moose Tags™ back to Nar and the other planets in the Adirolf System. The Mooses on Gar and Zoltar have become so dependent on Moose Tags™ from Nar, that Narian Mooses now hold the most important political positions on the Adirolf System High Council. As a matter of fact, Mordak Moose, the Wizard of Nar, was recently chosen to be the Ultimate Grand Wizard of the High Council. You can see why the Narian Mooses love Moose Tags™ so much.

You must keep this information secret. Disclosure could result in the Narian Mooses having to take over Earth, which wouldn’t be so awfully terrible. I will keep you updated on the progress of Moose Tags™ and our relationship with the Mooses from Nar. Stay tuned to this website for further information. Be one with the moose.

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